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Photography is irreversibly changing. Analog became digital. Digital is becoming virtual. This radical transformation is something that we at sooii are establishing, accelerating and living. With passion.

150 Years of Tradition

For generations, Kettnacker has combined function with beauty like no other brand. Pure inspiration with great attention to detail and high-quality architecture.

Studio Sound

Revox is a part of musical history. Back in the day, the Beatles already relied on this innovative technology from Switzerland, which every music enthusiast loves today.

DEAR Interview

In an interview with DEAR magazine, Arndt Johannes, founder and CEO of sooii, talks about the potential of virtual content production (CGI) for brand manufacturers.

Inspiring spaces

interlübke is in tune with the times. The innovative inspirator online platform with virtual image content uses the power of multimedia to present the product benefits and the brand in a vibrantly lifelike way.

Distinctive understatement

The interlübke brand stands for excellent design and exceptional quality. Virtual photography offers an impressive array of options to effectively showcase the brand.

Best night

interlübke presents a bed that is more than just a bed: it’s a versatile system with a distinctive design for bedrooms with a personal signature. CGI makes it possible to demonstrate the scope of design.

Virtual homeliness

Vitra has a unique brand identity. In the brand’s trademark visual world, too, the virtual photography combines Vitra’s familiar high quality with vibrant home stories.

Vibrant images

A photo shoot of people in a totally virtual setting: with the new possibilities of photo production, contemporary lifestyle images look completely natural.

Cross-media image content

A virtual architecture set creates new freedom for marketing Busch-Jaeger home automation systems. The products are shown in the best light in a full range of media.