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Real meets Virtual

Nothing stays the same, including in the production of images: virtual photography has opened up completely new possibilities – particularly in combination with classic photography. For the project URBAN LOFT, we worked together with Bernd Opitz, one of the best lifestyle photographers in Germany, to create an impressive photo series. It shows that virtual photography offers new creative opportunities, complements classic photography, and can also be a high-quality alternative. To carry out the project, a unique location was planned and styled with great attention to detail. Real photos of people were  combined with a virtual setting to create a coherent whole.


Smartview 360 / sooii

What’s next in fashion

The clothing industry is experiencing a revolution. Virtual prototyping and virtual content are becoming the new industry standard. Throughout the entire development cycle, from creation to distribution to e-commerce marketing, brand-name manufacturers can utilise the realistic simulation and visualisation of clothing . In cooperation with Smartview 360, the innovative provider of digital marketing tools, we cover the whole process: from CAD section drawings through to high-end images in full CGI with virtual avatar. Virtual is alluring.



We entertain you

Spectral is the leading smart furniture brand with the clear mission of integrating the digital world in attractive living environments. It focuses on premium, punch-packing TV and entertainment furniture. We’ve created new image material for the Ameno, Cocoon, Brick and Scala product series in connection with the brand relaunch. Naturally they’re all in full CGI and feature specially developed virtual living environments to effectively proposition the right target audiences and to differentiate between the series. Four authentic environments were developed as the basis for a comprehensive virtual photo shoot.



Better sleeping

A bed is just a bed, isn’t it? Not izzy, the innovative bed system by interlübke. It raises the benchmark by being compatible with all commercially available inset base systems, providing extra storage space and offering accessories such as background lighting, cable management, upholstered head and footboards, plus a choice of bedsides and tables. izzy by interlübke combines innovative versatility with timeless design. All image content is virtual. Four main motifs exclusively showcase the bed system’s individualisation options.



The product as the brand essence

How do you differentiate between brands in the interior segment that are all similar in terms of look and claim? We took an inductive approach and developed our brand values on the basis of our products. We did that by showcasing the fine details of the Jorel sideboard system in a series of images that unite style and function – understated yet distinctive. A harmonious composition of colours and shapes that position the interlübke brand as a premium supplier of innovative furniture systems.



Space for new images

Quality can only result from passionately grasping new opportunities. To stand at the forefront of virtual photography, we have developed our own workshop programme. Our goal is to break through the boundaries of 3D visualisation and photography. All in order to achieve more emotion and more diversity in communication. To reach this goal, we work together with renowned photographers: knowledge of producing real photo shoots is combined with the possibilities of virtual ones.


Textiles & Carpets

Digital Materials

Making textiles photographically feelable has never been an easy matter. Today we take advantage of the capabilities of virtual photography, which digitally models fabric and inspires the observer in all nuances of light, shadow and depth of definition. In this field, every project is a challenge, which means we have gathered wide-ranging expertise in presenting and simulating fabrics and carpets. Whether for fashion or interior design – today we have solutions for every range of products and we work together constantly with hardware and software developers in order to create new possibilities that set standards.



The world of Jorel

Jorel is the new range of solitary furniture elements in the interlübke product family. It unites pure and authentic materials with a clear design statement and many different design options, including lacquer, glass, aluminium and stainless steel. The result is an aesthetic and appealing ensemble that perfectly matches the purchaser’s individual style. Five interior design concept visuals were designed to demonstrate interior design options that can be achieved with Jorel. The sideboard is presented in different colour codes to demonstrate its diversity and individuality.




Inspiration 3.0

interlübke is back. With excellent products, new branding and an innovative digital platform. The inspirator is a central platform offering customers a brand new, inspirational user experience. It provides them with personal access to the traditional brand and the interlübke retail world. We have created more than 500 premium product environment visuals in full CGI that are displayed in a specially developed application. The result is a clearly defined, high-performance user experience in maximum imaging quality – all in one simple system. It’s an innovative solution that takes interlübke forward into the digital age.

interlübke inspirator >


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sooii takes over pure rendering

sooii takes over pure rendering and thus further expands its leading market position in the field of high-end visualization for architecture, interior and design. The acquisition is intended to further strengthen sooii's architectural competence in addition to the targeted growth. pure rendering is a leading provider in the field of high-end architectural visualization from Berlin and has been internationally established in the industry for many years, including many well-known architects.

Arndt Johannes - founder and owner of sooii: "After a long period of cooperation, we are now pleased to lead pure rendering Berlin under the umbrella of sooii and together we will change the market for high-end visualization in the field of architecture, interior and design".

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Aroma Diamond

Vacuum cans from EMSA also differ from others in their inner life due to the special “Aroma Diamond” vacuum flask. For the launch of this EMSA technology, we have animated a spot that emotionalises the coffee itself. The film is an eye catcher due to the aesthetics of the picture, you can literally smell the coffee in the three-dimensional - virtual - space. In addition, the sensual music captivates. Large images that also look impressive on mobile online screens.



Better Space I Hotel

For the launch of ABB's virtual hotel we produced a mood film. Here the luxury hotel presents itself in moving pictures. The key products from ABB are harmoniously integrated into the ambience. The aim of the film is to appeal to architects and investors to position ABB products for the hotel segment and to make them interesting. The specially composed music extends the ambience acoustically with elegant lightness.



Smart Lighting

BEGA develops innovative lighting for high-quality architecture. What professionals already know needs to be made familiar to people in their private homes, too. In order to present the entire product range in a cross-media context, we have designed a virtual set and used it to develop numerous media for communication. The centrepiece is the virtual tour with our online tool “spaceview”.
Here you can learn more about the possibilities and practical solutions in a garden environment – interactively and creatively.


Discover the virtual tour >





Visibly Melodious

One of the foremost brands for music studio technology and hi-fi equipment for over 70 years: Revox. Barely noticeable on the market in recent years, but still technologically leading, Revox components and speakers are as attractive as ever. For the brand relaunch we created virtual soundscapes that feature both precision and warmth.
The brand communication already gives you an idea of how pleasant Revox can sound at home – sound and design as an integrated whole.



Systematic Evolution

Nobilia is not only Europe’s largest manufacturer of kitchens, but is also on the way to becoming a big name throughout the entire house, as due to its systematic design, the furniture can be variably deployed to suit a range of uses, styles and budgets. Nobilia is now also leveraging its know-how in the world of contemporary bathroom design. The required imagery is created entirely in CGI – as an inspiring space that makes the diversity of bathroom furniture sparkle on all channels, creating a media-neutral image production that is already geared towards the needs of the future today.





The New Modern

As an exclusive furniture manufacturer with 150 years of tradition, Kettnaker is known for its functional style – simple, timeless and can be combined in endless new ways. The images for communication are not made any differently; inspiring rooms are created fully virtually with great attention to detail and high-quality architecture. A perfect stage setting for high-quality pieces of furniture and objects.  





Perfect Recipe

The high standards of a SieMatic kitchen already need to be perceptible in the picture. To communicate the product lines Pure and Classic, sooii virtually created two exclusive living environments: stylish and with a high degree of appreciation for the product. SieMatic provides a direct inspiration with its clarity and precision. A picture style with a great deal of freedom, which fits seamlessly into the existing communication – and still gets noticed.





Shade with Light

An icon for high-quality design textiles: Kvadrat. New solutions for window coverings are being marketed under the name Kvadrat Shade – on a worldwide basis. For the market launch, in addition to the conventional product presentation, comprehensive image content was developed from milieus, enabling the advantages of the new product to be experienced in the context of the various target groups. Emotional images are inspiring and document the high standard of design and architecture.





Forms of Light

Over seven decades, BEGA has progressed to become a leading supplier of good lighting design. The aim is to develop a suitable solution for every type of architecture with the aim of providing greater functional security in public areas or to ideally present a facade. We develop virtual architecture to demonstrate to architects and planners the diverse range of possible applications for new types of lighting, right from the product launch, making the lighting concepts real before their first practical use.





sooii is looking for:

Student Assistance - 3D Modeller (m/f/d)

sooii needs support and is looking for your qualities!

2D is not enough for you - 3D is what inspires you. Have you already had some experience in modeling and visualization? 3D Max is not a foreign word for you and you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop in addition to photographic understanding? Are you responsible, flexible and value your own initiative?

Then you are right with us, because we are looking for support in setting up a comprehensive model database. You will be actively involved in our exciting projects and your main task will be the modeling and texturing of all products in 3D Max. Accordingly, with us you are the link in the entire workflow.

Interest? Please send us your portfolio. We are looking forward to a personal conversation.

We offer flexible working hours and reasonable hourly payment. You can expect interesting customers, a clear vision and a corporate culture that you will like. In addition, you work in one of the most beautiful locations in Wuppertal with a direct view of the suspension railway. Look at it!

sooii is part of vistapark® group. One of the leading design and communication agencies in Germany.

sooii stages unique architecture and brand environments virtually and in high-end quality. Our interdisciplinary team of architects, product designers, stylists and 3D artists creates virtual photography for communication. With passion and the highest standards. This is our mission. After all, real quality is in the details.




Emotional staging of products for interlübke

Virtuality is the new reality - Arndt Johannes

In an interview with DEAR magazine, Arndt Johannes, founder and CEO of sooii, talks about working at sooii and describes the potential of virtual content production (CGI) for brand manufacturers in the fields of architecture, interior and design.        

sooii moves

Still under construction - our new office in a few months. Towards the end of the year, we move into our new spaces in the ELBA-terrain.

We look forward to keeping you up to date.




sooii is the leading provider for virtual photography / CGI in the field of architecture, interior and design in Germany and member of the vistapark group with headquarters in Wuppertal and Cologne.
Since its foundation in 2016, sooii has developed into the leading provider in the segment in a very short period of time through clear positioning and investment in the development and networking of brand manufacturers. In addition to the realization of high-quality 3D image content / CGI (Computer Generated Images), one focus is the consulting of premium manufacturers, suppliers and agencies in order to holistically evaluate and implement the digital change in content production in partnership.

The demand for high-quality digital image technology and related consulting in the fields of architecture and design is currently growing enormously. CGI offers decisive advantages, especially in the context of contemporary presentation and sales formats: Furniture, for example, no longer needs to be photographed in all colour and material variations and different architectural settings, but can be adapted and adapted on the computer. This leads to considerable time and cost savings.



sooii lookbook 02

We have been working towards this for a long time and are proud that it is now ready. The new lookbook of sooii. Actually it should be only a follow-up edition of our first book, but in the end we couldn't decide to document only a small part of our work.
In the last two years we have realized many interesting projects for well-known customers and have done tons of tests to push the limits of visualization. Therefore the lookbook with its 200 pages more has become a documentation for what is possible today and what we are able to realize tomorrow. To inspire and create a basis for discussion.
Because one thing is certain - no matter how virtual it becomes, we make it real



sooii lookbook 03

After issue 02 was out faster than expected, we took the chance for a new edition and just in time for the start of the year, issue 03 is fresh from the press. Updated with many new projects from 2019 and with views of the topics that will concern us and our customers in the future.

The Lookbook 03 is our pride and joy because it documents a very successful year for us and without a doubt our position in the market.

Print is real!

Individual design of living spaces for kettnaker
Have a look!
Have a look now!
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sooii launches gospacemag on Instagram

With gospace® Magazine on Instagram, we present a new product to you. An exclusive channel for high-end Architecture, Interiors und Design.
There you will find our best work and current products from our customers and partners.
Fully CGI. We use it to show possibilities and provide inspiration for communication. 

With gospace, we generate reach through synergies. In total, larger than its components.

If you want to know more, follow us on Instagram now.

For general questions and opportunities for cooperation, feel free to contact us via gospace(at)

Interesting insights into the world of KFF

We need creative support and are looking for your qualities!

sooii is one of the leading studios in the sector and we develop high-end quality virtual architecture and brand spaces. Made of pixels instead of concrete.

With our interdisciplinary team of architects, product designers, stylists and 3D artists, we create virtual solutions for leading brand manufacturers in the fields of architecture, building technology, lighting, furniture, sanitary and fashion. With passion and the highest standards of design and quality. Because that is our mission.

Photography is irreversibly changing. Analog became digital. Digital is becoming virtual. This radical transformation is something that we at sooii are establishing, accelerating and living. With passion.

150 Years of Tradition

For generations, Kettnacker has combined function with beauty like no other brand. Pure inspiration with great attention to detail and high-quality architecture.

Studio Sound

Revox is a part of musical history. Back in the day, the Beatles already relied on this innovative technology from Switzerland, which every music enthusiast loves today.

DEAR Interview

In an interview with DEAR magazine, Arndt Johannes, founder and CEO of sooii, talks about the potential of virtual content production (CGI) for brand manufacturers.

Inspiring spaces

interlübke is in tune with the times. The innovative inspirator online platform with virtual image content uses the power of multimedia to present the product benefits and the brand in a vibrantly lifelike way.

Distinctive understatement

The interlübke brand stands for excellent design and exceptional quality. Virtual photography offers an impressive array of options to effectively showcase the brand.

Best night

interlübke presents a bed that is more than just a bed: it’s a versatile system with a distinctive design for bedrooms with a personal signature. CGI makes it possible to demonstrate the scope of design.

Vibrant images

A photo shoot of people in a totally virtual setting: with the new possibilities of photo production, contemporary lifestyle images look completely natural.

Cross-media image content

A virtual architecture set creates new freedom for marketing Busch-Jaeger home automation systems. The products are shown in the best light in a full range of media.