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Comprehensive, detailed work

Staging images virtually and bringing them to life is our passion. With our detailed work, we create realistic images for cross-media communication.

Our longstanding experience in brand communication and product design show how important it is today to have high-quality images for the marketing of products at an early stage – images that are suitable for all media. We see ourselves as an impulse generator for the new possibilities of virtual image production, far removed from ordinary visualizations. In this way, we offer our customers an added bonus to classic photography.

Architecture and the living spaces of target groups play a major role in product and brand communication. In this way, each production is a challenge for manufacturers and agencies: frequently, the right building is difficult to find, the specific requirements of the set cannot be met or there is too much dependency on the vagaries of the weather. Therefore, we are developing unique architecture and brand spaces at sooii – virtually, and in high-end quality.


Real teamwork

This is sooii: a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary team of architects, product designers, stylists and 3-D artists. All with extensive experience and great passion for architecture and visual communication at the highest level. Because we deal with virtual spaces every day, we are made for reality: for our customers’ visions.

Florian Ritter
Michael Mostert
Arndt Johannes
Wolfgang Weidler
Sandra Wollny
Uwe Schikschnus
Kristian Bernsen
Peter Szilagyi
Michael Mostert




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