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sooii plans

We are architects of virtual spaces and develop sophisticated architectural concepts for our customers, as if we had built them directly from stone and glass. Here, too, everything is based on three dimensions, from the idea to the overall planning, with uncompromising attention to detail.

There is only one exception: there are no costs involved for the structural calculation. Any type of architecture is possible, from single-family houses in all architectural styles and prestigious functional buildings to outstanding luxury hotels. These can be experienced both inside and outside from every perspective, and upon request, also interactively online. In our interdisciplinary team, we combine architecture, design and photography with expertise from the digital world.

Brand spaces

sooii stages

Brands need spaces. To this end, we create the visual framework in every dimension. This allows brands to be experienced by customers in new ways, while becoming anchored in the public consciousness and gaining relevance. They stand out from the competition, creating new touchpoints. Our virtual architectural and spatial concepts bring products to customers online through a flexible CMS system, which we developed in-house. In an interactive and lively way. Naturally, our standard is high: never less than reality itself.

Virtual photography

sooii photographs

Perfect pictures don’t happen by chance. They are composed. Like any discerning photographer, we combine image concept, light and perspective into a single work. Only virtually. In the process, we set new standards in terms of quality. We do not offer classic visualizations, but endeavor to replace the classic photo, consistently providing our customers image content for cross-media channels. We believe in the natural and emotional picture, and in the effect of photography – using new technologies.


sooii moves people

Nothing is more fascinating than the moving image. Creating emotions, bringing brands and products to life – this is what sooii’s work is all about. From the storyboard through the visual concept to the technical realization and composition of suitable music to staging products creatively and inspiring customers. And if a complex ad needs to be produced to accompany the web video, we have a network of selected specialists at our disposal.

CGI / post-production

sooii composes

Impressive images come alive in the head when all the details work together, allowing aesthetics and harmony to convey the desired emotions. Over many years, we have built a wealth of experience and developed a sense for perfecting digital images as high-resolution stills for print or digital media. Only the harmonious overall impression counts, both visually and technically.